Junior Travel Camp

The true spirit of mountain biking is being out in the woods with your friends and having a great time. This is what Travel Camp is all about. While we cover performance-related topics like pacing, climbing, descending, technique, and nutrition – as well as hold dedicated skills lessons – our primary objective is to experience mile after mile of the greatest trails in the southeast! With that, every year campers are amazed with just how much stronger they become and how much their skills advance by the end of the week. Multiple hours on the bike fly by, especially when taking in new trails each day. Then, when you actually sit down and add up all the hours and miles your rode over the course of the camp, it is no secret why you made the improvements you did!

Virginia is arguably the best place in the United States to ride a mountain bike, and this camp showcases ever reason why! Often referred to by counselors as a mountain bike “lifestyle” camp, the Mountain Bike Travel Camp takes advantage of everything that makes fat-tire riding so great in the state of Virginia. Each day, campers experience brand new trails in all-day epic rides. From the extended climbs and descents of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the flow and technical nature of the Piedmont, there is no shortage of world-class riding.

Endurance and fitness come hand in hand with increased skills and confidence over the course of the 5 days. Every challenging climb is followed by an amazing descent, and you can’t wait to crest the next hill.

Each location visited has unique qualities that make it a must-ride location. Douthat State Park features hour-long climbs and rewarding descents with breathtaking views. Preddy Creek offers unparalleled flow and an expert loop that challenges the most experience riders. Miller School of Albemarle is a student-built paradise with skills parks, engineered trail features, and miles of rolling singletrack.

Below is a list of the amazing trail networks we intend to visit. Keep in mind that responsible use of these trails is weather dependent, so it is always possible that plans will change during the camp.

Miller School of Albemarle Campus Trails

1,600 scenic acres at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains with over 10 miles of student-built trails. New features include bike-specific skills parks and wooden wall-rides! Miller School Campus Trails are on private land, so campers get to enjoy a truly unique and exclusive cycling experience! 

Douthat State Park

A member of IMBA’s coveted list of Hall of Fame Epic Rides, Douthat State Park is as good as big mountain gets anywhere in the world, and it is right here in our back yard! Proof that you need the Rocky Mountains or Europe’s Alps to climb all morning and descend all afternoon!

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Preddy Creek

Some of the best multipurpose trails you will find anywhere. Mainly machine-built, the primary loop is a roller coaster ride of a good time, and a newly-completed Advanced Loop presents challenges that will test the skills of even the most experienced mountain bikers.

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Stokesville Lodge

Home to the legendary Shenandoah 100 mountain bike race, Stokesville Lodge boasts access to hundreds of miles of big-mountain trails as well as five miles of machine-built single track on the campground property. This day will include a 3-hour loop of the first section of the SM100 followed by an afternoon or riding trails at the campground. 

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Walnut Creek Park

One of Charlottesville’s original mountain bike destinations, Walnut Creek Park features many miles of rugged terrain that challenges riders both ascending and descending. The flowing yet challenging “Dam Loop” has been a camp favorite for 5 years running!

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  • Ages 13 to 18

  • Girls and Boys (separate dorm)

  • 5 Days; 5 Nights 

  • Skill Level: Advanced

  • Fills Quickly - Register Early


  • Douthat State Park

  • George Washington National Forest

  • Preddy Creek

  • Bryce Resort

  • Miller School of Albemarle Campus Trails

Camp includes

  • Use of spacious dorms and all campus amenities

  • 3 healthy and balanced meals each day

  • Healthy snacks and ride food

  • Daily, fully-supported group rides

  • Skills courses led by area professionals

  • Daily cycling seminars

  • Laundry

  • Bike mechanic

  • Custom Cutaway USA High-Viz cycling jersey